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Elephant lavender hanger


  • Add a special aroma of lavender to your home, wardrobe, car etc with these incredibly cute Elephant lavender hangers. Designed, cut and sewn by Eliza crafts for absolutely beautiful gifts. These are handcrafted and sewn with 100% Seshoeshoe cotton, some vibrant colours of felt and filled with fragrant lavender buds. This can turn any space into a warm and welcoming space.
    -100% Seshoeshoe cotton
    Dimensions: Height 18,5cm (inc. loop) x Width 10,5cm
  • Approximate production capacity is 40-50 items per month.

  • The prices are exclusive of postage or delivery.

    This product ships in 1-2 days, while it is available in stock. Learn more about shipping here


Collections: Gifts

Category: Aroma, Elephant, Gifts, Handmade, Lavender, Love, Seshoeshoe, Sewing

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